Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

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  • Introducing our cutting-edge electric kettle featuring advanced dual-speed heat technology, delivering lightning-fast heating in just 3 seconds while optimizing energy consumption. Say farewell to dry boiling with our innovative refusal of repeated heating, guaranteeing each cup is filled with fresh, healthy water.
  • Explore unparalleled convenience and versatility with five temperature settings ranging from 160-175-195-208°F, controlled independently with dedicated keys. With a single click, customize water intake to cater to various beverage preferences, offering precise measurements of 150ml or 250ml.
  • Our Instant Hot Water Dispenser boasts food-grade materials from the water tank to the outlet pipe. Leveraging nanometer rare earth thick film heating technology, water is uniformly heated through vortices, eliminating scale, metallic, and grain impurities for unparalleled taste and quality (optimal with distilled or mineral water).
  • Featuring a spacious 2.8L capacity water tank, satisfy daily hydration needs while minimizing the hassle of refills. The tank's transparent matte surface provides clear visibility of water levels, occupying minimal space akin to an A4 paper size for seamless storage.
  • For effortless setup or restart, simply press any water key to flush out old water, producing normal temperature water to cleanse the waterway without disassembly, preserving water quality and health.
  • Experience user-friendly operation with HD buttons for crystal-clear functionality, accompanied by a child lock feature for enhanced safety. Illuminate your path with small, night lamps for convenient nighttime water retrieval. The magnetic water dish ensures stability, while automatic protection against dry/overheated conditions enhances safety and longevity.
  • Enhance your lifestyle with our innovative electric kettle, revolutionizing your hydration experience with unmatched speed, efficiency, and quality.

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