Bed Vacuum Mattress Cleaner

Bed Vacuum Mattress Cleaner

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  • Transform your cleaning routine with our advanced Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. Designed to effortlessly eliminate dust and allergens, this powerful cleaner boasts robust suction power and cutting-edge cleaning technologies. With a tapping frequency of up to 40,000 times/min and a suction power of 15kPa, it effectively removes embedded dust and allergens from your bed, pillow, mattress, sofa, and more.
  • Utilizing dual cleaning technologies – 4000Hz ultrasonic waves and 253.7nm LED UV light – our vacuum cleaner ensures thorough cleaning by disrupting and eliminating up to 99.9% of allergens and removing up to 99.99% of dust. Unlike traditional cleaners with a single dust cup, ours features two dust cups and an advanced 7-grade filtration system, preventing blockage and maintaining suction power even during extended use.
  • Say goodbye to hair wrapping issues with our innovative magnetic disassembly metal roller brush. This feature, coupled with the patented magnetic release structure, allows for quick and hassle-free cleaning. Plus, our smart cleaning technology features a gradient indicator that reflects the quantity of allergens detected. As allergens increase, the indicator turns redder, and the suction power adjusts accordingly. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned, the indicator light turns blue.
  • Experience the ultimate in cleanliness with our ultra-hot air dehumidification feature, generating 149°F of heated air to effectively eliminate moisture and inhibit allergen growth. And for a touch of luxury, our vacuum cleaner comes with built-in aroma tablets, releasing a subtle fragrance during cleaning and leaving a refreshing scent on your mattress.
  • Elevate your cleaning experience with our Mattress Vacuum Cleaner and enjoy a cleaner, healthier home environment.

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